Investment projects
  • Backstage

    Aizkulises (Backstage)– is an apartment house with a unique architecture which is inspired by the philosophy that home is a backstage of the theatre, backstage of life, where a person can put away all the masks and be himself. The first and top (seventh floor) are floor-to-ceiling glass. Façade of the other five floors forms a curtain, with rich, deep folds and interwoven luxury flowers copying the silk on broadcloth of Opera house’s stage curtain.
  • Jonathan

    Jonathan was created as a business class project with all the luxury options. It consists of 380 flats, and has 170 meters of riverside. Jonathan is a fine example of modern architecture, when all the buildings are an integral part of environment.
  • LEGEND. Krasnoyarsk

    LEGEND KRASNOYARSK – A DEDICATION TO PEOPLE, WHO ARE READY FOR NEW DISCOVERIES AND PREPARED TO SUCCESS The architectural concept of the buildings and the location of the project site fully meet the standards of the project, which will be the hallmark of the city, the project, which, by the convenience of living in it, will bring Krasnoyarsk into one line with the architectural capitals of the world. Self-sufficiency and vibrant personality, a great history in the new reading and reconsideration, appeal to the legendary past in the language of the present and the future – this is a LEGEND.