• Aleksey Zagrebelny
      /  chairman of the board
    Education: master of economics
    Hobiji: Eastern philosophy, yoga
    Credo: The are no unrealistic tasks

  • Normund Saminski
      /  managing director
    Education: Business School in partnership with The School of Management of the State University of New York at Buffalo and the Faculty of Administration of the University of Ottawa.
    Hobiji: Diving, snowboarding, wakeboarding
    Credo: Every ending is beginning of something new.

  • Roman Mihels
      /  director of business development
    Education: финансист
    Hobiji: теннис, горнолыжный спорт
    Credo: думай о будущем, не преклоняй колени перед настоящим

  • Ilga Gabrana
      /  marketing director
    Education: University degree in Economics, Public Relations.
    Hobiji: Philosophy, spirituality, yoga, esters, photography.
    Credo: There are no facts, only their interpritation.

  • Nataly Lebedeva
      /  head of building department
    Education: Higher education, сonstructing engineer
    Hobiji: Travelling, music, reading
    Credo: Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

  • Edgars Vieglais
      /  project manager
    Education: Engineering / economics
    Hobiji: Skiing, free rider
    Credo: Citius, Altius, Fortius!

  • Denis Aleksandrov
      /  Project manager
    Education: Магистр Экономики/ Инженер-строитель
    Hobiji: Sport, fishing
    Credo: Mens sana in corpore sano

  • Anna Isajeva
      /  Referent
    Education: Higher education in economics
    Hobiji: Traveling, cynology
    Credo: Sort out issues as they arise!

  • Svetlana Agafonova
      /  financial director
    Education: Higher education in economics and chemistry
    Hobiji: Reading, traveling, fashion
    Credo: Whatever is done,is done for the best.

  • Inara Starichenko
      /  accountant manager
    Education: мaster of Economics
    Hobiji: yoga, swimming, gardening
    Credo: All winning start with victory over your self

  • Elizabeth Alferova
      /  lawyer
    Education: Latvian university, law faculty
    Hobiji: the history of art, literature, travels
    Credo: A man is as happy as he has decided to be

  • Sandra Bukovska
      /  Lawyer assistant
    Education: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Law
    Hobiji: Travel, yoga, politics, interior design, snowboarding
    Credo: Happy is the one who achieves the goal, not the one who receives it as a gift.

  • Ekaterina Pyanova
      /  sales manager
    Education: University of Latvia, foreign languages faculty
    Hobiji: Art,photography, yoga, travelling
    Credo: There is nothing impossible!

  • Anna Pavlovska
      /  office manager
    Education: Higher education - social psychologist
    Hobiji: Aroma cosmetics, yoga, psychology, travelling.
    Credo: Life has become better, life has become merrier!

  • Nataly Trifonova
      /  visual communication
    Education: Baltic international academy. Advertising design
    Hobiji: Paranormal phenomena, ancient mysteries, music, movies, boxing.
    Credo: Beauty and strength is in simplicity.

  • Marija Maljceva
      /  Оffice manager
    Education: Student
    Hobiji: Poetry, dancing, athletics
    Credo: Nothing is impossible