Our philosophy does not tolerate the concept of “after”.

Present happens right here and right now. We lose every single moment of happiness and joy if we put it off till better times when we expect to have more time, money and felicity. It is worth it living right NOW, enjoying every single moment, every glance, feeling every move and every thought. All these important components help us to express ourselves as personalities, as the constituent part and the mirror of the whole world.
R.evolution team is a part of the city’s evolution, which creates something more significant and important than just the development of commercially effective projects. Every single object is not only a building but a human creature with its own special atmosphere, soul, character, and energy, ideal for comfortable life in harmony. Due to our “revolutionary” attitude, we create real estate projects, which are cost effective and not a subject to time, crisis and fashion changes.


Mission of the company as a developer is to create environment with a unique atmosphere and philosophy, according to the goals and needs of the client.

Mission of the company as a managing partner is to represent the interests of the investors in achieving of the most effective results due to the precise investment planning, optimization of the construction schedules and sales, introduction of new technologies, strict operational control.

Mission of the company as an investment partner is to evaluate all the investments from the point of view of their effectiveness and level of income for the partners. Our participation in the investment process is the best proof that we are confident in the results of our projects.

Mission of the company as a consultant is to assess the potential of Latvian real estate development and to realize all the goals set.