Company’s activities

The advantage of "R.EVOLUTION CITY" as a managing partner is its ability to offer a full range of services for real estate asset management. The package includes: 

Selection of a project, project analysis from the perspective of profitability and market demand;

Examination of the project and development of a project concept;

Financial and investment risk analysis; analysis of technical documentation;

Recommendations on the optimization of the project as well as development and implementation of improvements;
Preparation of a detailed proposal, including a business plan for investors/co-investors;

Investor relations management, project presentation, preparation of the necessary documentation, including investment model and legal aspects, signing the contract; 

Preparation of the project, purchasing the real estate, conducting the construction tender, providing technical supervision, management of investment flows, tax planning;

Marketing - positioning, branding, advertising, promotion;

Preparation of sales strategy;

Sales planning based on market research and marketing concept;

Auditing the project at various stages of its implementation, including financial and technical audit, control of sales numbers;
We are very grateful to our customers and business partners for their trust, cooperation and understanding even in the most difficult of circumstances.