• 01.04.2016

    "Mikhail Tal. From Far Off" premiere

    "Mikhail Tal. From Far Off", a documentary by Stanislav Tokalov, was premiere on 31 March at the Splendid Palace cinema. A simultaneous chess display led by the Latvian grandmaster Alexei Shirov was organised before the film with support from Tal Residence, the Mikhail Tal foundation and the Latvian Chess Federation. "Mikhail Tal. From Far Off" is the first piece of a documentary of the script writer and director Stanislav Tokalov, a prizewinner of Big Kristaps.
    The premiere is held with support from Tal Residence, the Mikhail Tal foundation.
  • 18.03.2016

    “The Best Building of 2015 in Latvia” 

    The regular annual award in the sector of construction “The Best Building of 2015 in Latvia”  was held on 17 March 2016.
    The first place in category “New residential building” was awarded to the residential area Legend in Jurmala.
    “The Best Building of 2015 in Latvia” is the only contest in the sector of construction in Latvia, where success of builders is carefully evaluated by high profile professionals. The jury consists of 39 experts from private and public organisations. 
    The awards ceremony was held in Bellevue Park Hotel Riga in Riga.
  • 24.09.2015

    ‘Wings of Humdrum Existence’

    Charity musical-literary conversazione ‘Wings of Humdrum Existence’ with participation of Chulpan Khamatova and Gidon Kremer was held on the 22 of September in Riga city in the concert hall Spiķēri, with the assistance of R. Evolution City Company. 
    At the conversazione poems of Marina Tsvetayeva and Aspazija (in translation by Olga Peterson), whom 150th anniversary shall be celebrated this year in Latvia, were performed by Chulpan.  Under the guidance of Gidon Kremer, soloists of Kremerata Baltica orchestra performed the works of composers Dmitriy Shostakovich, Peteris Plakidis, Georgs Peletsis and Imant Zemzaris.
    In conclusion of the conversazione, in the concert hall lobby, in reward for contributions to Latvian charitable foundation Blastins, presents have been waiting for the event guests: book ‘Stop-kadr. Nostalgiya’ (‘Freeze-frame. Nostalgia’), published by Russian magazine ‘SNOB’, and September issue of magazine by the same name, devoted to Latvia.
  • 25.07.2015

    LEGEND. Grand Opening!

    July 25th, 2015 residential property LEGEND . grand opening!
    We have been waiting for this day for 4 years! We have been inventing, meditating, designing, arguing, agreeing, experimenting, changing something all the time, building, handing over, we haven’t slept all nights, we were happy, worried, thrilled, and falling in love with LEGEND more and more. 

    Finally, this day has come and we want to share our strong feeling with you.
  • 09.07.2015

    Grand opening of the TAL RESIDENCE building!
    July 9, after the landmark match of two grandmasters Anatoly Karpov and Evgeny Sveshnikov, a grand opening of the TAL RESIDENCE Centre dedicated to the great Latvian chess player Mikhail Tal took place in Riga.
    The match of the twelfth World Champion Anatoly Karpov (Russia) and Grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov (Latvia) lasted three days in Riga in TAL RESIDENCE built in honour of Mikhail Tal, the great chess players from Latvia. The match was commented by another renowned Grandmaster Alexei Shirov from Latvia, who now represents Spain at the world chess championships. A total of 6 parties were played in three days and the match ended July 9. 
    A press conference was held after the contest, attended by Anatoly Karpov, Evgeny Sveshnikov, Peteris Shmidre (President of the Latvian Chess Federation), Jeanna Tal (head of the Charity Foundation named after Mikhail Tal), Ingurd Lazdinsh (architect of the TAL RESIDENCE project), Alexey Zagrebelny (Chairman of the Board of R.EVOLUTION) and Marcis Apsitis (Chairman of the Board of LX Group).
    Anatoly Karpov expressed his gratitude to Alexey Zagrebelny, the Head of the R.EVOLUTION Company, for organising the chess tournament, supporting the intellectual sport and young chess players. He also said: "My life was tightly linked with Mikhail Tal. He was in my corner at my first adult tournament. It was nice to see that people preserve memory of the great Grandmaster here in Riga."
    Famous Latvian Grandmaster Evgeny Sveshnikov noted in his speech: "Chess schools and teachings in Latvia are in need of renewal and it is good to know that there are people concerned with their fate."
    He was backed up by Peteris Shmidre, President of the Latvian Chess Federation, who presented commemorative medals to the participants of the historic tournament. He particularly noted the role of Jeanne Tal, the daughter of the great Grandmaster, in developing children's chess sport.
    Ingurd Lazdinsh, the architect of the TAL RESIDENCE project, shared his childhood memories about the legendary name of Mikhail Tal influencing him when he was a child and learned to play chess. Therefore, the dedication of the project he created to Tal became a great honour for the architect. He was seconded by Marcis Apsitis, Chairman of the Board of LX Group construction company.
    A nice gift to Anatoly Karpov and Evgeniy Sveshnikov was prepared by the creators of the TAL RESIDENCE project, represented by Alexey Zagrebelny. A limited edition of postage stamps dedicated to the tournament was issued. Both grandmasters are avid collectors, so they were filled with joy, thanking those present for their warm hospitality and excellent organisation of the tournament.
    At the end of the meeting, the Head of the R.EVOLUTION Alexey Zagrebelny expressed his hope that intellectual energy shared by great Grandmasters will create a special atmosphere that will reign in TAL RESIDENCE and influence its inhabitants and visitors.
    After the conference, special guests and partners of the TAL RESIDENCE project ceremoniously cut the red ribbon and thereby opened the Mikhail Tal Centre.
  • 29.04.2015

    TAL RESIDENCE was commissioned!

    April 29, 2015, Tal Residence was commissioned.
  • 20.01.2015

    January 19, 2015, Villa Hepburn and the flagship of the LEGEND block - Villa Churchill - were commissioned.
    The most titled Latvian project awaits all connoisseurs of refined style and the highest quality.
    Future residents began to furnish their apartments, the Design Department of R.EVOLUTION CITY Company has started implementing the projects of fully finished apartments.
  • 04.12.2014

     International Property Awards 2014
  • 31.10.2014
    Report of completed construction works on 31.10.2014


    Villa Dietrich Ongoing hall and staircase finishing work.
    Villa Tiffany Completed facade restoration, ongoing interior finishing work according to the interior design.
    Villa Hemingway Ongoing interior finishing work according to the interior design.
    Villa Churchill Completed installation of the utilities, heat supply connected in the building. Ongoing installation of the assembly of the decorative fixtures on the facade of the building. Hall and staircase finishing work commenced.
    Villa Hepburn Completed facade glazing work, installation of the decorative fixtures on the facade of the building, and installation of the apartment partitions.
    Ongoing thermal insulation and terrace waterproofing work. Ongoing hall and staircase finishing work in accordance with the interior design. Installation of the interior partitions and the ceiling, installation of the utilities and the pool equipment ongoing in the SPA area.
    Tal Residence
    The building has been connected to permanent heat supply.
    Glass railing installed on the interior facade of the building.
    Ongoing improvement of the court and laying of granite blocks.
    Ongoing grouting of the underground parking area floors and installation of the interior partitions in the apartments.
  • 19.10.2014

    The Latvian Project - a residential complex LEGEND. is going to the international competition International Property Awards in Dubai, where it will represent Europe and will fight for the title “The World’s Architecture Multiple Residence”.

    More than 300 leading European and Russian experts in the real estate, architecture and interior design area are gathered in the most prestigious international competition European Property Awards 2014 ceremony for the compilation of results. The ceremonial event was taking place on Tuesday, 14 October, at the Marriott Hotel located on Grosvenor Square, in London. This year, together with Stewart Shield, the President of the International Property Awards, prizes to the winners have been awarded by Lord Richard Best.

    The Latvian real estate development company R.Evolution City has taken part in the competition, presenting their Jurmala projects: LEGEND. and The Home. “Participation in the competition, for us it is a chance to tell the world that Latvia has projects worthy of attention developed by architects, whose name is well known in the world. For example, Ugis Zabers – author of both projects submitted to the competition. And we still want to share our views on the real estate development. We look on each our house as a living being, created by the customer’s idea, architectural genius, skilful and clever builder's hands and which life expectancy allows to transform in time the way of thinking, soul and energy of the people having created it” - Aleksey Zagrebelny, the member of the “R.Evolution City” Board of Directors, is saying.

    The Project The Home has been nominated under Architecture Multiple Residence and has won its special prize of the jury “Highly Commended”.

    Residential coplex LEGEND. has won prizes in three nominations at once: Architecture Multiple Residence – “5 Stars”, Residential Development – Highly Commended, Leisure Development – Highly Commended. After becoming the best project in Europe, LEGEND. was honoured to represent Europe internationally and with the projects from Asia - Pacific, Africa, Canada, the United States, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Arabia and Great Britain to fight for the “World’s Best” title.
  • 18.10.2014

    Report of completed construction works on 30.09.2014


    Villa Dietrich and Villa Hemingway were commissioned and connected to urban gas utilities and had their heating systems turned on.
    Refinement of the hall and stairs is still in progress in Villa Dietrich.
    Interior works are still in progress in Villa Hemingway as per the interior project.
    Villa Tiffany Facade restoration is still in progress, roofing works are completed and installation of utility networks and internal partition is conducted.
    Villa Churchill Installation of heating units and separation walls is conducted. Floor filling was performed at the underground parking lot and stone laying is conducted on the stairs.
    Villa Hepburn Installation of terraced fencing, facade glazing and decorative elements, separation walls, winterization and hydroisolation of balconies is conducted. Distribution of heating networks is still in progress. Installation of utilities is in completion phase. Installation of internal partition and pool equipment is conducted in the SPA area.

    Tal Residence

    One of the main stages of construction is finally completed – structural glazing of building’s main bay windows.
    Roofing works and installation of windows in the building are fully completed.
    Installation of heaters is finished and preparation for connection of the building to constant heating is in progress.
    Main chiller for running the conditioning system and diesel generator for independent backup power supply were installed.
    Installation of two elevators is in progress.

  • 20.09.2014
     Villa Dietrich and Villa Hemingway have been released on the 17th of September as the first stage of the LEGEND. project.

  • 01.09.2014

    Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014 

    On August 29th, The Langham Hotel welcomed guests from all over the Europe at the center of London. Ladies in elegant dresses and gentlemen in immaculate suits gathered to congratulate the winners of European Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014!

    Residential complex LEGEND. became a winner in the nomination “Residential Real Estate”.
    Project Tal Residence became a winner in the nomination “National Brand”.

    Poker chips and the numbers of tables in the form of playing cards created an atmosphere of Casino Royale style.

    After all of the excitement and expectations, the winners were announced! Best of the best were congratulated by our dear guests: Richard Crawford, luxury lifestyle interviewer, video producer and host, representative of Eat Love Savor; Ray Witter, the representative of Just Luxe journal; Grace Kennedy, founder of Mayfair Luxury Weddings, Britain’s first Original and most successful Celebrity London Wedding Planner; Rebeсca Robins – a honorary judge of Luxury Lifestyle Awards, representative of Interbrand company and others.

    The award was attended by representatives of 10 European countries in 10 different categories. Company valuations were carried out on a local level. The board of the jury for Luxury Lifestyle Awards consists of chief executives of the leading international luxury companies, renowned experts, consultants, business analysts, editors in chief and nominees’ representatives.

    Winners received a winner's certificate and a Golden Crown from the stage.

  • 30.06.2014.
    Report of completed construction works on 31.06.2014
    Villa Dietrich Works on window blocks and façade systems installation are being completed. The same refers to roofing works.
    Works on façade decorative glazing and balcony railings elements installation are in progress. Internal and external utilities networks are being installed, gypsum board partitions are being mounted, stairwells rails finishing is being done. Interior works, namely marble laying in the halls and stair rails installation have been started.

    Villa Tiffany Building renovation works are being continued. Roofing works and works on the existing foundation strengthening are in progress.

    Villa Hemingway Façade and roofing works are completed. Engineering networks are laid out, works on house connection to the city utilities networks are on the way.

    Villa Churchill Works on utility system shafts covering and windows installation are being continued. Roofing works have been started.

    Villa Hepburn Works on façade systems, balcony railings and windows installation are being continued. Roofing works and façade insulation works are in progress. Heating system network installation and floor wiring works are being done. Lifting equipment installation has been completed.

  • 17.06.2014

    LEGEND. Beach opening.
  • 31.05.2014
    Report of Completed Construction Works


    Villa Dietrich The interior wall plastering, floor laying and window aperture filling works have been completed in the building;
    The internal lift assembly has been finished and the roof light opening glazing has been completed;
    The building roof-work is continuing, the building separation plaster board walls assembling, façade heat insulation and heating appliances installation works are in progress; 
    The staircase finishing work has been initiated.
    Villa Tiffany All the building interior separation walls have been replaced and the ground floor flooring bearing beams have been replaced;
    The building renovation work is continuing; 
    The builders have started the roofing. 
    Villa Hеmingway The building structure panelling is in progress, engineering communications installation work has been initiated, the roofing is continuing. 
    Villa Churchill Mechanical well panelling is in progress; 
    Window and lift assembly has been started in the building. 
    Villa Hepburn The window aperture filling works have been completed in the building; the lift has been installed;
    The façade system installation and building façade heat insulation works are continuing; 
    Heating networks are being installed and wiring fixing work is being done in each floor.
    Tal Residence

    The neighbouring building courtyard façade has been renovated; The main entrance gate into the building is being plated with black marble;
    The front façade installation and structural façade glazing works are in progress;
    The builders have started one of the most important phases of the building erection – roofing; 
    The work of panelling balconies with granite has begun, and the installation of wood windows and the internal façade heat insulation works are continuing.
  • 30.04.2014
    Report on construction works 


    Villa Dietrich – constructors have commenced an important construction stage – roofing. Works on the internal finish of premises have been started: plastering of stairway enclosure and floor arrangement. Assembly of the building sash pulleys has been finished. Works on window aperture heat insulation are being performed; works on arrangement of heating appliances, development of heating, water supply and ventilation system network in apartments.

    Villa Churchill – here works on planking of communication mines are executed. Assembly of uprises of ventilation, water and sewerage, heating and conditioning systems has been finished.

    Villa Hepburn – works on assembly of façade systems and filling of window openings have been commenced; roofing works have been started. Assembly of ventilation, water, sewerage and conditioning systems has been finished.

    Villa Tiffany – works on reinforcement of the building foundations, replacement of internal partitions and walls of the building are in progress.

    Villa Hemingway – roofing works have been started and the window openings have been filled; the structure planking of the building is in progress.

    Tal Residence

    The last – 8th floor – is ready in the building. In the short run, constructors will start roofing works.
    On the floors 6 and 7 of the building, works on laying of separation walls are in progress.
    Works on arrangement of the building internal networks have been started: water supply, sewerage, electricity and ventilation.
    Assembly works of bearing structures have been started for façade glazing.
    Touchstone for the façade of the 1st floor and marble for the interior of the building staircases has been approved and ordered.


  • 31.03.2014
    Report of Completed Construction Works 


    On 28 March, a festive event was organised in order to celebrate the Ridgepole Celebrations of Villa Hepburn. That was a way for the owners to express their gratitude to the builders, honouring the end of the main building stage – the building frame erection.

    Villa Churchill, the work on the building separation walls has been completed. The preparatory work for the installation of the ventilation, water supply, sewerage, heating and air conditioning sys-tems has been finished.

    Villa Dietrich, the work on the building separation walls has been completed and the boiler house has been installed. The work of fixing wiring, ventilation, heating and sewerage systems is in progress. The work of installing heating devices has been initiated and the installation of the window blocks and façade systems is in progress.

    Villa Hеmingway, the building frame erection work has been finished. Soon the builders will be able to take up the wall construction installation.

    Villa Tiffany, the builders have started the most important work stage: deepening and enforcing the building foundation. The work on the renovation of the building doors, windows, internal coverings and walls is in progress.

    Tal Residence

    1. The work on the construction of the 5th and 6th floors of the building has been finished; the 5th floor ground concrete has been cast.
    2. The work on the building separation walls is in progress on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the building.
    3. The main transformer substation is being installed.
    4. The material for the outer finishing of the building façades and halls has been approved – Italian decorative plaster ARMOURCOAT – a natural material with added marble chips. The decorative covering has several advantages – it is shockproof and wear-resistant, completely seamless and allows implementing a multitude of architectural solutions.

  • 28.02.2014
    Report of completed construction works:


    On 21 February, Villa Dietrich had the Rafters Day, traditionally celebrated in the honour of finishing an important building stage – the building frame erection. In a festive atmosphere builders hung a wreath on the highest point of the building, as a sign of completing the most extensive construction work.
    The parking lot heat insulation work has been completed in the building, the work on building separation walls is continuing. The boiler house installation, as well as heating and water supply network construction works, have been initiated.

    In Villa Tiffany The replacement and renovation of the internal wall covering is being made and the renovation of the doors and windows is in progress.

    Villa Hеmingway The building ground floor frame has been built, very soon the building will obtain its shape and the finishing work will start.

    Villa Hepburn
     The third floor walls have been concreted and built, the roof building installation work has been completed; the work on the building separation walls is in progress.

    Villa Churchill The ventilation and sewerage systems have been installed and the parking lot plastering has been completed. The parking lot heat insulation work has been finished.

    Tal Residence

    The 5th floor ground concrete casting preparation work has been finished in the building.
    Sanitation external network connection work has been completed; the furnace installation work has been finished.
    The external block-work is in progress on the ground, first and second floors.
  • 03.02.2014

    In the new issue of the magazine Latvijas Arhitektūra read an interview with our favourite architect Ugis Zabers and an article about the project The Home, rated by the magazine as The Home of the Month.
  • 31.01.2014
    Report on completed construction works:


    Latvian manufacturers have commenced the production of wooden doors, facade fragments and details of the best types of wood. This, Siberian larch – the strongest and most durable wood – will be used for the facade of Villa Churchill.  

    The work on Villa Dietrich facade decorative finishing samples has been completed and the final sample has been approved; the leading glasscutters of Latvia have started manufacturing. 

    Mining of a rare type of marble “grey antique” for the hall of Villa Dietrich has been started in one of the two highland stone-pits of Italy. Each slab of the material is coordinated individually and then it is assigned a number by the designer. Soon the marble will be put on the walls and floors of the community halls and staircases, strictly following the designer’s drawing.

    Tal Residence:

    The fourth storey of the building structure has been erected.

    The fifth storey floor has been concreted.

    The work on concrete casting of main staircases has been started.

    The resolution on the building interior facade finishing has been approved.

    All works are performed under strict control of Riga City Building Directorate. No complaints or observations have been made, neither any defects have been found in the work.

    The performed reinforced concrete work quality complies with European building standards (LVS EN 1990). 

  • Report on completed construction works in quarter LEGEND. on 31.12.2013.

    There has been set a placement of concrete construction in the pool of SPA complex. The works on the main electricity substation installation have also been started. Currently preparation works for the winter period are being implemented.

    Villa Dietrich 
    Placement of concrete construction on the four floors of the building by the mentioned deadline has been finalised. Besides, metal roofing frameworks have been assembled and engineering networks have been connected to the building. Now distributing of internal engineering networks has been started, as well as the works on formwork installation and roof slab reinforcement, and construction of the walls between apartments.
    Villa Hemingway 
    The works on 0-cycle construction have been implemented on this site. Currently, construction of the building framework is being carried over.
    Villa Tiffany 
    At this site, the works on building zero cycle renovation are being carried out now.
    Villa Churchill 
    There the frame construction has been completed and all utility networks have been laid on to the building by the mentioned date. As on now there has been started distributing of internal engineering networks, alongside with the finishing works and works on construction of walls between apartments.

    Villa Hepburn 
    Placement of concrete frame of two floors and walls of the third floor has been launched. Currently the preparation works for placement of concrete construction on third floor are being conducted. Besides, there has been started distributing of internal engineering networks at the site.
  • 30.12.2013

    2013 was a very productive and rich year in high-profile events

    On December 30, 2013, the flagship of LEGEND. quarter – Villa Churchill - celebrated the Rafters Day which was dedicated to the completion of the construction of the load-bearing structures. According to tradition, when the last flooring is mounted on the house, a wreath is hanged on the highest point of the building evidencing of good relations between the master of the house and its builders. The construction of the building carcass has been completed, the building has developed its image, builders have started to lay public utilities, performing blockworks and finishing works.

    At the event, Natalya Lebedeva gave a ceremonial speech to the audience on behalf of the customer of R.EVOLUTION CITY, thanked Ilmars Birzgalis (technical supervisor) and builders for the promptly and qualitatively performed works. Then, Janis Lacaunieks from the construction company RBSSKALS reported about the work progress, talked about results of the completed works, as well as set the forthcoming tasks.  

  • 06.12.2013

    The Latvian developer company R.Evolution City, known for its projects of elite residential real estates in Riga and Jurmala, received SPEAR`S Russia Awards 2013

    SPEAR`S Russia is a Russian version of the Britsh edition bearing the same title, the most authoritative and influential magazine for the richest people on planet. Each year the magazine holds a ceremony to award the best representatives in  private banking services, large capital managements and other related industries.
    The SPEAR`S Russia Wealth Management Award 2013 ceremony for the 5th anniversary award was held in the Mossovet Theatre in Moscow on December 5, 2013. Projects of R.Evolution City received special awards from the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief in two nominations:

    The best investment project of 2013 in Riga – project Tal Residence.

    The best investment project of 2013 in Jurmala – quarter Legend.

  • 05.10.2013

    Other two awards added to the collection of awards of The Home Jurmala house.

    On October 5, the best fashion, interior and environment designers, the best architects and photographers, as well as winners in nominations for graphic and industrial design were announced at the ceremony in Riga (Latvia). 

    A residential club-type house The Home, which became the winner of the annual contest The Best Building of 2012 held by the Latvian Association of Builders, was chosen the best in two categories at the Design Award of the Year contest: Environmental Design and Facade Design.. 

    Ugis Zabers, the leading Latvian architect, combined three buildings of different architectural styles and united them into a single ensemble: splendid art deco with mosaic facade glaring in the sun with all tones of amber, classic architecture of Jurmala with lacy carvings, and modern style with its minimalism, openness and transparency. The solemn atmosphere is created by the main entrance of the building decorated with unique hand-made doors – a true work of art. 

    Interior design of the hall was developed by Zane Tetere, the star of Latvian design, who received awards for the Best Design in three nominations this year. A 2.5-meter long designer’s Gala fireplace, which was created for The Home by Dutch Vero design, was selected as the point of attraction for The Home. 3D walnut panels, floors and stairs – White Snow marble plates – are used for finishing in public halls.

    The Home was built in 2012 in Jurmala at Dzintaru Prospect 32.

  • 28.09.2013

    TAL RESIDENCE is the most prestigious project of residential real estate developed in Latvia.

    Every year FIABCI European Congress gathers world experts in real estate. Traditionally, it is a strong arena for discussion on the most topical real estate market issues. 

    Riga, the capital of Latvia, was chosen for the congress in 2013. For three days, from September 26 to September 28, more than 300 experts from 35 countries of the world became participants of animated discussions sharing the topic “The new stage of European real estate markets”. FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Awards ceremony takes place within the framework of the congress every year. Prestigious and competent judges choose winners in different nominations. Thereby, TAL RESIDENCE – a project by the Latvian company R.EVOLUTION CITY and its investment partner Moskapstroy - was chosen the best in the Urban Residential Real Estate category in 2013. 

    In the 3rd quarter of 2014, TAL RESIDENCE will have been erected in the most beautiful part of the quiet centre of Riga, surrounded by pearls of Art Nouveau listed in the Cultural Foundation of the UNESCO. The building of TAL RESIDENCE is a future architectural monument of the XXI century, it is a tribute to the great genius, chess player, citizen of Riga - Mikhail Tal, as well as a tribute to traditions and history of the City of Riga. The exclusiveness of location and architectural solutions, the underground parking – those are the unique advantages of the project. Modern architecture of the building with its openness and transparency will allow the residents of TAL RESIDENCE to enjoy magnificent views on historical buildings of the quarter from panoramic windows and spacious terraces.


  • 26.09.2013

    The Latvian developer company R.Evolution City opens its office at the International Trade Centre. 

    The Latvian developer company R.Evolution City, known by its ambitious projects in Jurmala and Riga, is now ready to please the fans of Baltic Riviera in Russia with its new projects in Latvia, without leaving Russia. The International Trade Centre as the office of the company was selected for the purpose to highlight the status of the company and seriousness of its intentions. 

    Already in December R.Evolution City Russia&CIS will invite clients and partners to another festive event for the occasion of opening its office. Kalinka Realty will also participate in the celebration: having appreciated projects and style of R.Evolution City, the agency entered into discussion about a successful long-term cooperation. They showed a special interest in the construction of the residential quarter LEGEND., located on ‘the Golden Mile’ of Jurmala – Bulduru Prospect 17/19, with a well-though-out concept, subtle modern architecture, luxurious interiors of public halls, private infrastructure, private beach and concierge services for sophisticated clients.

  • 06.09.2012

    The project The Home was commissioned in September and now it is ready to meet its residents and visitors with joy of “welcoming host”.
  • 10.08.2012
    One of the biggest construction companies in Russia „Moskapstroy” has become investor of the project TAL RESIDENCE as well as reliable partner to R.EVOLUTION CITY.
  • 29.07.2012

    In a festive atmosphere the creators/founders and architects of the project laid into foundation of residential quarter LEGEND the Capsule with message for the descendants
  • 28.07.2013
    R.EVOLUTION CITY presented the flagship car of the residential quarter LEGEND. in Jurmala — Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III of 1963

    The joint event of R.Evolution City developer company and SMP BANK took place on 28 July 2013 in the format of an elegant Sunday brunch in the top Jurmala restaurant Light House on a sandy beach with a luxurious view of the sea. 

    Guests were presented a historical model of a legendary British company Rolls-Royce Lim., a mock-up of the quarter, visualization of the future private beach of LEGEND. project and interiors of halls of Villa Churchill, Villa Dietrich, Villa Hepburn from Zane Tetere, OPEN AD, winner of the tender for the development of interior designs for halls of multi-apartment buildings of the residential quarter LEGEND.
  • 18.06.2012

    Eastern wooden facade of the Home is finished.
  • 02.03.2012

    Event of Ridge pole celebration dedicated to end of roof frame construction of The Home was held on 2nd of March 2012.
  • 08.10.2011

    In festive atmosphere the Capsule with message for the descendants was laid into foundation of The Home.