• Aleksey Zagrebelny
      /  Chairman of the Board
    Education: Master of Economics
    Interests: Eastern philosophy, yoga
    Credo: "The are no unrealistic tasks".

  • Anna Isajeva
      /  Executive Director
    Education: Higher education in economics
    Interests: Traveling, cynology
    Credo: "Sort out issues as they arise"!

  • Roman Mihels
      /  Director of Business development
    Education: Higher education in Economics
    Interests: Tennis, skiing
    Credo: "Think about the future, do not bow your knees for the present".

  • Aleksandrs Blinovs
      /  Financial director
    Education: Master´s Degree in Social Sciences
    Interests: Traveling, diving, Winter sports
    Credo: "Every Moment Of One´s Life Is Another Chance".

  • Svetlana Agafonova
      /  financial director
    Education: Higher education in economics and chemistry
    Interests: Reading, traveling, fashion
    Credo: "Whatever is done,is done for the best".

  • Vladislav Bartashevics
      /  Financier
    Education: Bachelor´s Degree in European Business
    Interests: Alpine skiing, boxing, football, literature
    Credo: “Only thoughts of those timid shall not be fulfilled!” (Nestor)

  • Sandra Bukovska
      /  Lawyer assistant
    Education: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Law
    Interests: Travel, yoga, politics, interior design, snowboarding
    Credo: "Happy is the one who achieves the goal, not the one who receives it as a gift".

  • Edgars Vieglais
      /  Project manager
    Education: Engineering / economics
    Interests: Skiing, free rider
    Credo: "Citius, Altius, Fortius"!

  • Elita Sukasjana
      /  Marketing and trading Specialist
    Education: Degree in Economics and Management Faculty, PR.
    Interests: Psychology, travel, interior design.
    Credo: "Use every chance as if it were the last one".

  • Agata Musatova
      /  Marketing Project Manager
    Education: Degree in Law, Baltic International Academy.
    Interests: No Desire Is Given To A Human Without The Power To Accomplish It.
    Credo: "No desire is given to a human without the power to accomplish it".

  • Nataly Trifonova
      /  Visual communication
    Education: Baltic international academy. Advertising design
    Interests: Paranormal phenomena, ancient mysteries, music, movies, boxing.
    Credo: "Beauty and strength is in simplicity".

  • Inara Starichenko
      /  Accountant manager
    Education: Master of Economics
    Interests: Yoga, swimming, gardening
    Credo: "All winning start with victory over your self".

  • Tatjana Judicka /
      /  Accountant
    Education: Degree in Economy.
    Interests: Travel, movies, fitness
    Credo: "Everything Is In Our Hands, Therefore One Should Not Give Up".