A unique offer from R.Evolution: a pop-up office in Philosophers Residence

Philosophers Residence – it is a house that inspires. The place where the project is located is aflush with a special aura of philosophy, and it has a rich history. People who have dedicated all their lives to serve the philosophical concept of this planet have resided on this land. Philosophers Residence is created for those who value the philosophy of safety, security, inspiring calmness and quality rest, for those who choose an active way of life in the business capital without suffering the adverse effects of the city centre. The main task for the developer was creating such an environment, that would help its residents and guests to follow their chosen path, discover new possibilities and ideas, and to achieve their goals and set new ones. Each and every element of Philosophers Residence quarter has been created in a way to allow each and every of its residents to follow their chosen philosophy of life. 
Company R.Evolution offers a unique opportunity – creating a pop-up office in Philosophers Residence for finding and realizing new ideas, setting and achieving goals, for creating and producing, all while being inspired by the special atmosphere, by the philosophy and energy radiating all around you. 
This offer might be especially interesting to architecture or design studios, advertising or events agencies, as well as it possible to make an creative studio or photo studio here. 
As far as the layout and finish of the offices is concerned, the fantasy and creativity of our tenants have no limits here, the premises are available with grey finish. The offices are available for any term from 3 months to 1 year. 
In order to find out all about rent conditions, call:  +371 60008966.