Other two awards added to the collection of awards of The Home Jurmala house.


Other two awards added to the collection of awards of The Home Jurmala house.

On October 5, the best fashion, interior and environment designers, the best architects and photographers, as well as winners in nominations for graphic and industrial design were announced at the ceremony in Riga (Latvia). 

A residential club-type house The Home, which became the winner of the annual contest The Best Building of 2012 held by the Latvian Association of Builders, was chosen the best in two categories at the Design Award of the Year contest: Environmental Design and Facade Design.. 

Ugis Zabers, the leading Latvian architect, combined three buildings of different architectural styles and united them into a single ensemble: splendid art deco with mosaic facade glaring in the sun with all tones of amber, classic architecture of Jurmala with lacy carvings, and modern style with its minimalism, openness and transparency. The solemn atmosphere is created by the main entrance of the building decorated with unique hand-made doors – a true work of art. 

Interior design of the hall was developed by Zane Tetere, the star of Latvian design, who received awards for the Best Design in three nominations this year. A 2.5-meter long designer’s Gala fireplace, which was created for The Home by Dutch Vero design, was selected as the point of attraction for The Home. 3D walnut panels, floors and stairs – White Snow marble plates – are used for finishing in public halls.

The Home was built in 2012 in Jurmala at Dzintaru Prospect 32.