Report of Completed Construction Works

Report of Completed Construction Works 

On 28 March, a festive event was organised in order to celebrate the Ridgepole Celebrations of Villa Hepburn. That was a way for the owners to express their gratitude to the builders, honouring the end of the main building stage – the building frame erection.

Villa Churchill, the work on the building separation walls has been completed. The preparatory work for the installation of the ventilation, water supply, sewerage, heating and air conditioning sys-tems has been finished.

Villa Dietrich, the work on the building separation walls has been completed and the boiler house has been installed. The work of fixing wiring, ventilation, heating and sewerage systems is in progress. The work of installing heating devices has been initiated and the installation of the window blocks and façade systems is in progress.

Villa Hеmingway, the building frame erection work has been finished. Soon the builders will be able to take up the wall construction installation.

Villa Tiffany, the builders have started the most important work stage: deepening and enforcing the building foundation. The work on the renovation of the building doors, windows, internal coverings and walls is in progress.

Tal Residence

1. The work on the construction of the 5th and 6th floors of the building has been finished; the 5th floor ground concrete has been cast.
2. The work on the building separation walls is in progress on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of the building.
3. The main transformer substation is being installed.
4. The material for the outer finishing of the building façades and halls has been approved – Italian decorative plaster ARMOURCOAT – a natural material with added marble chips. The decorative covering has several advantages – it is shockproof and wear-resistant, completely seamless and allows implementing a multitude of architectural solutions.