Report on completed construction works

Report on completed construction works:

Latvian manufacturers have commenced the production of wooden doors, facade fragments and details of the best types of wood. This, Siberian larch – the strongest and most durable wood – will be used for the facade of Villa Churchill.  

The work on Villa Dietrich facade decorative finishing samples has been completed and the final sample has been approved; the leading glasscutters of Latvia have started manufacturing. 

Mining of a rare type of marble “grey antique” for the hall of Villa Dietrich has been started in one of the two highland stone-pits of Italy. Each slab of the material is coordinated individually and then it is assigned a number by the designer. Soon the marble will be put on the walls and floors of the community halls and staircases, strictly following the designer’s drawing.

Tal Residence:

The fourth storey of the building structure has been erected.

The fifth storey floor has been concreted.

The work on concrete casting of main staircases has been started.


The resolution on the building interior facade finishing has been approved.

All works are performed under strict control of Riga City Building Directorate. No complaints or observations have been made, neither any defects have been found in the work.

The performed reinforced concrete work quality complies with European building standards (LVS EN 1990).