Report on construction works

Report on construction works 


Villa Dietrich – constructors have commenced an important construction stage – roofing. Works on the internal finish of premises have been started: plastering of stairway enclosure and floor arrangement. Assembly of the building sash pulleys has been finished. Works on window aperture heat insulation are being performed; works on arrangement of heating appliances, development of heating, water supply and ventilation system network in apartments.

Villa Churchill – here works on planking of communication mines are executed. Assembly of uprises of ventilation, water and sewerage, heating and conditioning systems has been finished.

Villa Hepburn – works on assembly of façade systems and filling of window openings have been commenced; roofing works have been started. Assembly of ventilation, water, sewerage and conditioning systems has been finished.

Villa Tiffany – works on reinforcement of the building foundations, replacement of internal partitions and walls of the building are in progress.

Villa Hemingway – roofing works have been started and the window openings have been filled; the structure planking of the building is in progress.

Tal Residence

The last – 8th floor – is ready in the building. In the short run, constructors will start roofing works.
On the floors 6 and 7 of the building, works on laying of separation walls are in progress.
Works on arrangement of the building internal networks have been started: water supply, sewerage, electricity and ventilation.
Assembly works of bearing structures have been started for façade glazing.
Touchstone for the façade of the 1st floor and marble for the interior of the building staircases has been approved and ordered.